Zfs snapshot send
zfs send mainpool/x@6 | [transfer magic] | zfs recv backuppool/x We then can move that single file to an offsite backup, another storage server, or whatever.

By default, we send the data to a file. Offsite backup using zfs send with snapshots. If only 10GB of data has changed, this will only send 10GB of data zfs send -i snapshot1 dataset@snapshot2 You would need to destroy the dataset in backuppool: zfs destroy -r backuppool/x and re-send the most recent snapshot to backuppool.

nice script. This avoids long delays on pools with lots of snapshots (e.g. An example run looks like: Finally, when the script finishes, I have a pushover notification sent to my phone to let me know how long it took, and if it was successful. ZFS Send. The send/receive commands can be used to save the backed up data (snapshots) on the local or remote machine.

Most of the time I feel safe calling my local snapshots “backups” but in the instance of total system failure it wouldn’t be safe to make that assumption. This ensures that while sending the data, it will always remain consistent, which is crux for all things ZFS. Sending a ZFS filesystem means taking a snapshot of a dataset, and sending the snapshot. Find latest remote snapshot; Incremental send from latest remote snapshot -> new local snapshot; If no snapshot is found on the remote end, a full ZFS send is performed.

Yep, as @wblock saud, make a snapshot, then send it. For backing up the data, you create snapshots, as well as use ZFS send/receive commands. The entirety of a ZFS snapshot can be exported into a file or TCP data stream via the zfs send command. zfs send -R zroot@1 | ssh root@backup.local zfs receive -dF primary The problem is that after transferring the snapshot, the datasets get mounted automatically and because the snapshot is of the "zroot" pool from machine "primary" it overwrites the "zroot" pool from machine "backup". You can't for example zfs send a snapshot to a disk formatted in NTFS. Take a snapshot of the main pool and send it to the backup machine If you have 10TB of data, this will send 10TB of data zfs send dataset@snapshot1; Take a second snapshot and send just the differences since the first snapshot. @colmconn already posted an example of how to do it above. I'd add -d 1 to both of the zfs list commands to limit the search depth (there's no need to search below the pool name).

Sending snapshot data

In this post will show you the data backup and recovery mechanism in Oracle Solaris 11.

As you have no common baseline snapshot in your setup, you will not be able to perform an incremental zfs send any longer. You use rollback commands to […] my "backup" pool has 320000 snapshots, and zfs list -r -t snapshot backup takes 13 minutes to run. Of course the limitation is the receiving disk must be formatted in zfs and have a pool present.

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