net config server /autodisconnect
net config server /autodisconnect:-1. To change the default time-out period for the autodisconnect feature of the Server service, open a command prompt, type the following line, and then press ENTER net config server /autodisconnect: number NET CONFIG SERVER /Autodisconnect:-1 Note this can reduce overall performance - see related KB articles below. NET CONFIG SERVER /AUTODISCONNECT:20 NET CONFIG SERVER /HIDDEN:YES. To hide a machine from Network Neighbourhood, by not sending announcements to domain browsers you will reduce NETBIOS network traffic, (if still enabled.)

This thread is locked. SBS 2003: net config server/autodisconnect Bonjour, Sur un server "partage de fichiers" SBS 2003, j'ai configuré le serveur en modifiant le temps de déconnexion automatique LAN à 8 min. NET CONFIG SERVER /hidden:yes Before using the /hidden option see Q128167. My reason for doing this is to turn off the autodisconnect option by setting it to -1.
net config [{server|workstation}] To configure server settings, use this syntax: net config server [/autodisconnect:time] [/srvcomment:"text"] [/hidden:{yes | no}] The following paragraphs describe the parameters for the Net Config command:. Help would be appreciated. 2] If it occurs while copying large files over network drives, it could be due to the auto-tuning network introduced in Windows Vista. So I tried mapping drives in AD via a login script (not in GPO) using the following syntax as an example: c:\>net config workstation Computer name \\wincmd-PC Full Computer name User name wincmd Workstation active on Software version Windows 7 Enterprise Workstation domain myorg Workstation Domain DNS … Server: Lets you display and configure the Server service while it’s running.. Net Config Workstation: We can list the current settings of workstation service as below. net config server /autodisconnect:-1 this did help in certain cases.. but not all. Help would be appreciated. Change the comment displayed in My …

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