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2020 AGM resolutions packet for working parties, #NoBanNoWall Protest Resources & Toolkits, Login to the Member Center by going to www.amnestyusa.org/membercenter/. Student Group of the Year Award. Amnesty International documented the use of tear gas and pepper spray in dozens of incidents across the country. September 1, 2020 • Report Update to Amnesty International Report on COVID-19 IN US IMMIGRATION DETENTION (August 2020) On 7 April 2020, Amnesty international issued the report ‘We are adrift, about to sink': The looming COVID-19 disaster in US Immigration Detention facilities. Amnesty International Danmark Tlf: 33 45 65 65 Gammeltorv 8, 5. sal, 1457 København K . Without immediate action, it will get much worse. Please see below for how AIUSA is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and how you can take action. This election year will be a defining moment for our country’s humanity. Watch the video below for a Welcome Address from Amnesty International USA’s Board Chair Janet Lord. Lighed. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on the topic of IDEA at Virtual AGM, we can be reached at ​[email protected]​. Speakers: Denise Bell, Danisha Jenkins, Kate Clark & Penelope Halkiadakis and Moderator: Lora Randa. Call on ICE and DHS to immediately release immigrants and asylum-seekers from detention in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event will discuss this dynamic and offer lobbying strategies for Amnesty members to push for change. First published in 2020 by Amnesty International Ltd Peter Benenson House, 1 Easton Street, London WC1X 0DW, UK amnesty.org. While the U.S. already employs fighter jets and drones, it is also supporting development of lethal autonomous weapons – also known as “killer robots” – which could decide for themselves who to kill, how and where. Sign up here. You will be redirected to a page with all available session recordings. Sessions are also listed below in date order. As we transition into a virtual space, we are still implementing IDEA practices and measures in order to create an inclusive space for everyone. Il montre aussi la montée des mobilisations pour y répondre. Join us in an exploration of how we can we mobilize in our communities to take action so that children in particular and their families are treated with dignity, respect, and with the care they deserve. In collaboration with Physicians for Human Rights and local immigrant rights groups, join us in exploring the health impacts of these policies on the lives of immigrants and asylum-seekers, and the advocacy and community response to them. For more information about IDEA at Amnesty International, please click the box below. This will not happen, however, without sustained pressure from constituents. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all of us around the world. How does shareholder activism intersect with Amnesty’s work? As a global organization, Amnesty International knows this pandemic reveals the interconnectedness of our world in a very personal way. If you are talented and passionate about human rights then Amnesty International wants to hear from you. There are three series that represented the three workshop blocks that would have taken place during the AGM in San Diego. Government inaction means that despite making the headlines, gun violence remains an everyday reality – especially for many communities of color. Since 1998, over 3,500 human rights defenders have been killed worldwide. How can we as consumers be more conscious global citizens and at least do less harm? Action Alley, Governance sessions and other AGM elements were also shifted to a virtual space. Human rights defenders in Sri Lanka are increasingly under attack. Questions on governance? På baggrund af egen research udsender Amnesty International hver dag rapporter, analyser og kommentarer, ... Globalt Fokus og 92-gruppen lancerer i dag en Spotlight-rapport, ... 13. november 2020. Under 2020 Virtual Annual General Meeting, click on “Watch all sessions here”. Speakers: Aydin Anwar, Michael Kleinman & Simon Billenness and Moderator: Hena Zuberi. It’s an unsettling time filled with concerns, challenges, and anxieties. Speakers: Antonio Martinez, Ph.D., Charlene D’Cruz & Denise Bell and Moderator: Charanya Krishnaswami. This website uses cookies to allow us to see how the site is used. We recognize that for many of you, this might be the first time that you are participating in a session virtually. Les autorités marocaines réfutent les allégations du dernier rapport d’Amnesty International Publié par Le Maroc Que J'adore | Jun 27, 2020 | Actualités Les autorités publiques marocaines ont réfuté catégoriquement les allégations contenues dans le dernier rapport d’Amnesty International (AI), appelant cette dernière à apporter les preuves étayant sa teneur. 75% of kids report ill-treatment during arrest and/or interrogation. We’ll focus on solutions, including the concept of Climate Justice, and celebrate the leadership of Indigenous Peoples, youth and front-line communities. Campaign is not just about surviving this pandemic. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Mennesker på flugt. Please see below for information on just some of the ways to stay involved! We can easily read Amnesty International 2020update books on our Kindle,etc. Browse our research and campaigning across the world, with all the latest news, blogs, and reports. Submission by Amnesty International on the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights Who We Are Amnesty International is the world’s largest human rights movement. We couldn’t achieve the human rights impact that we do without you. Introductory report about Amnesty International Cookie Statement Workshop participants will learn the current challenges they face and will brainstorm strategies to provide international support and solidarity. You’ll see how your letters, phone calls, emails and more have contributed to the release of Prisoners of Conscience and made a positive impact on cases of Human Rights Defenders. Amnesty International USA recorded 125 separate incidents of police violence against protesters, in 40 States and D.C., between May 26 and June 5, 2020.   |   The United States went to war in Afghanistan following the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, DC. A company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (03139939) and a charity registered in England and Wales (1051681) and Scotland (SC039534). If you continue to use this site, we assume that you are okay with this. Due to unforeseen circumstances this session was canceled. The government must protect our right to life and help end gun violence. Are you giving your audience the best content? All sessions have now passed. U.S. policies turning back and detaining asylum-seekers and stripping the right to seek asylum itself have acutely impacted and endangered the safety, health, and human rights of children and families who are simply seeking safety. Are you using social media to boost your activism? Amnesty’s new RightsNow! In 1961, Peter Benenson spoke out for the rights of two Portuguese students. Under the Trump administration, we’ve witnessed attack after attack on long-standing protection systems for people seeking safety in the U.S. In 2018 alone, 321 human rights defenders were killed. Speakers: Gavrilah Wells, Katilyn O’Shaughnessy & Laura Galeano and Moderator: Andrew Fandino. Privacy Policy Nearly 100 people die every day due to gun violence. Please email [email protected]. Your voices make Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other predominantly Muslim ethnic groups in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region are being harassed, detained and arrested in huge numbers. Dans son rapport annuel Amnesty dénonce la montée des discours de haine. Otherwise, we'll assume you're OK to continue. Refunds of donations. Examining US complicity with repressive systems, this panel explores how activists promote transparency and accountability along with corporate social responsibility. ... rapport Rapport Guinée 2020. In this session, participants will hear from Native women and activists, who will share their experiences and discuss victories, challenges, and the path ahead. We also know that in trying times like these, the best of humanity can rise. Under Siege: The Persecution of Human Rights Defenders Around the World and What You Can Do to Support Them! Read Amnesty International’s latest report – ‘We are adrift, about to sink’: The looming COVID-19 disaster in US immigration detention facilities. Keepers of the flame : understanding Amnesty International by Stephen Hopgood ( ); Diplomacy of conscience : Amnesty International and changing human rights norms by Ann Marie Clark ( ); Amnesty International and U.S. foreign policy : human rights campaigns in Guatemala, the United States, and China by Maria T Baldwin ( ) End Rape and Violence Against Native Women and Girls, Chinese State Surveillance and “National Security” in Xinjiang, New Tech & the Forever War: The Threat to Human Rights, Separation, Detention, and Deportation: How U.S. Immigration Policies Threaten Access to Healthcare. Past displays have shared particularly successful community events and activities, human rights promotion ideas and techniques, and information on human rights-related topics. Increasing numbers are held in solitary confinement. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all of us around the world. Rape and violence against Native women and girls is a national epidemic. Amnesty International est une des rares associations à financer l’essentiel de ses actions grâce à la générosité de ses membres et donateurs. Hear about organizing and activism from families and individuals affected by Trump’s attacks on refugee protections, and the advocates fighting along their side. Come and learn about very concrete ways that you can help protect Brave human rights defenders in such countries as Colombia, Saudi Arabia, & the Philippines. COVID-19 is a human rights crisis on an unprecedented scale. Pour la France, Amnesty relève notamment l'aggravation de la situation des migrants, des mesures liberticides suite à la … Interested in seeing how your efforts have led to case successes and other human rights good news? Permissions We will discuss how to move beyond constantly being on the defense when refugee rights are under attack to organizing and advocating for solutions that safeguard our protection systems for people seeking safety. Vær med til at fejre sejre fra 2020 Støt vores arbejde EMNER. 26 October 2020, Index number: ORG 10/3268/2020. Accepted by: Kevin Zickterman (Group coordinator) and Randy Harper (group member), Individuals At Risk Award – Local Group: 297 (Takoma, MD)/ Accepted by Michael Neufeld, Leading Change! Attendees will hear about status of the death penalty and killings by police and the role that race plays in both, learn why the system is broken, what reforms have succeeded and what you can do to get your state’s criminal justice system to better respect human rights. While people may need to be physically distant at the moment, we remain united. Please click here for information on zoom. Amnesty International United Kingdom Section, a limited company registered in England (number 01735872), which undertakes campaigning work in the UK. Speakers: Alice Dahle, Daniel Balson & Dr. Huma Ahmed-Ghosh, Amnesty International volunteer Mary-Evelyn Porter, Professor Nestor Fantini (former POC), and Jonathan Fantini Porter, a former U.S. Congress and White House staffer, portrayed in the 2019 Amnesty International-produced documentary “Life, Love, & Liberty,” discussing the successful work of an AIUSA Amnesty volunteer that led to Nestor’s release and a son who many nicknamed the “Amnesty Kid.”, Speakers: Jonathan Fantini-Porter, Mary-Evelyn (Mev) Porter & Nestor Fantini. And it will explain how activists can urge U.S. lawmakers both to rein in use of the current weapons systems, and to prevent autonomous weapons from making wars even more deadly, endless and out-of-control than they already seem to be. Recordings have now been moved onto the Member Center and are available to be viewed by all dues-paying members. Inequality, corruption, violence, environmental degradation, impunity and the weakening of institutions continued to be a common reality across the Americas, resulting in daily human rights violations for millions of people. Publié Le 18/02/2020 à 16h40 Rapport accablant sur la situation des droits de l’Homme au Maroc par Amnesty Amnesty International vient de publier son rapport annuel sur la situation des droits de l… See below for the Good News Page to read stories and testimonials about progress you helped achieve, including from past Case Commitment, Urgent Action Network and Write for Rights cases who have shared their appreciation for Amnesty International’s work. In this participatory session, we’ll discuss the science behind the climate crisis, who is responsible, the disproportionate impact on people already facing discrimination and marginalization, and what we can do to stop it. In cases where all speakers consented, recordings of workshops were made available and kept on this website for 30 days. Nyhed: COVID-19-pandemien og Black Friday skaber ekstra pres på de ansatte hos verdens største internetvirksomhed, der forgæves har kæmpet for sikre arbejdsforhold og løn under sygdom. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL’S 2020 VIRTUAL ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all of us around the world. They include Fr. This session examines how Israel routinely detains Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank as young as five years of age and systematically processes those 12 and above in military courts, instead of civilian court. As a global organization, Amnesty International knows this pandemic reveals the interconnectedness of our world in a very personal way. Speakers: Alicia Koutsoulieris, Brad Parker & David Kerr and Moderator: Edie Garwood. of Amnesty International Turkey was arrested on absurd charges while at a training session in Istanbul. It’s an unsettling time filled with concerns, challenges, and anxieties. Learn how you can stop your tax dollars from supporting this policy. Virksomheders ansvar. We are continuously working towards our conferences being IDEA centered events and are committed to our growth in this area. This is a time when we have the opportunity to help end demonization and anger – and move forward with empathy and kindness. Join youth members from Amnesty’s Board of Directors, Nominations Committee, and the Global and National Youth Collectives as we explore how young people are leading AIUSA’s bigger, bolder and more inclusive movement. We need your help. In addition, here are our Ground Rules and the Interim Code of Conduct. La page d’actualité sur les droits humains et sur le travail d'Amnesty International en République démocratique du Congo. Experts will examine technology firms’ relationships to authoritarian governments, the overall impact of Facebook on human rights abuses, problematic supply chains in Southeast Asia and Africa, while shedding light on the global arms trade impacting civilians from Yemen to Libya. Sign up to lobby your members of Congress in district offices. The cookies do not identify you. Amnesty International advarer om, at vi i 2017 har udsigt til en kaotisk og farlig verdensorden, hvor de mest magtfulde nationer forfølger snævre nationale interesser fremfor internationalt samarbejde. We’ve created a tip sheet which includes an introduction to Zoom for those of you who are new to the platform along with some other helpful tech tips. Amnesty International Annual Report is an annual report published by Amnesty International on human rights, and on the organization's work in rights advocacy globally. Find out at the Social Media and Activism session. President Trump and Democratic presidential candidates have committed to ending to U.S. military presence in Afghanistan. The report chronicles the stories of more than 50 people in cities across the U.S. affected by police violence as Black Lives Matter has grown into the largest social movement in U.S. history. Between 26 May and 5 June 2020, Amnesty International documented at least six incidents of police using batons and 13 instances of the unnecessary use of kinetic impact projectiles in 13 cities across the country. Fight injustice and help create a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. ii Amnesty International — Rapport 2016/17 AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Amnesty International est un mouvement mondial réunissant plus de sept millions de personnes qui agissent pour Paraguay: Rights on hold: Amnesty International submission for the UN Universal Periodic Review, 38th Session of the UPR Working Group, May 2021, Central African Republic: Human Rights Manifesto for the presidential election candidates, Belarus: Tortured detainee denied medical care: Viachaslau Rahashchuk. Amnesty International is committed to the principles of IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility) because we all belong in the movement for human rights. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all of us around the world. We must create a new future where all of us can live in dignity and thrive. Learn what you can do to defend human rights during this global challenge. Stay up to date and learn about key human rights issues in Ukraine. People in Hong Kong are facing violent restrictions on their rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. Tell your Senator: Now is the time to pass universal background checks. Amnesty International 2020update books could be more convenient and much easier. Amnesty International Presentation - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Workshop sessions ran for 6 weeks beginning in mid-April. According to Amnesty International's findings, the provisions most often used to prosecute online speech come under the Tunisian penal code, the Telecommunications Code and the Decree-law 115 on the Freedom of the … Working Party 1: Friday, June 5, 6 p.m. Eastern Time, Working Party 2: Saturday, June 6, 3 p.m., Eastern Time, Resolutions Plenary: Sunday, June 7, 2 p.m. Eastern Time, Hironaka Award – Winner: Local Group 113, Chicago. Participants will learn how they can work at the state/federal level to help end the violence.

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