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), America’s Prettiest National Parks on the East Coast (Massive Guide), Adventurous Things to do in Sapa: The Ultimate 3-Day Sapa Itinerary, Best Things to do in Hoi An in 3 Days: A Hoi An Itinerary Guide, Four Adventure Filled Days in the Dominican Republic, No extra fees, thankfully! Unfortunately (of course), the fees have just been raised this past August, so make sure you check the current price before applying. If you’re worried about not having enough money for your Vietnam trip, why not try volunteering to extend your travels? Here’s Jane’s review of her. 2-Day Tour with Homestay in Ta Chai Village, Sapa 4-Day/3-Night Mountain Bike Tour to Dien Bien Phu, From Hanoi: Sapa Overnight Tribal Village Trek, Vietnamese Cooking Class at Green Bamboo School, From Hoi An: Half-Day Trip to Cham Island, From Ho Chi Minh: Mekong Delta Small Group Tour, Saigon Street Food: 2.5 Hour Evening Tour, Visiting the Badwater Basin Salt Flats in Death Valley: The Lowest Point in America, Sand Dunes, Salt Flats, and Slot Canyons: The Ultimate 2 Day Death Valley Itinerary, 22 National Parks that are Even Better in Winter (Both Warm and Frozen! All the Spas and Massages! Day 1: Arrive Hanoi; Day 2–3: Hue; Day 4–7: Hoi An; Day 8–9: An Bang Beach; Day 10: Da Nang; Day 11–13: Phong Nha; Day 14: Return to Hanoi; Note: If you look at the map, this route might seem a little strange, since there is some backtracking involved. Are you ready to plan your ultimate Vietnam adventure? If you want more adventure, buy or rent a motorbike — Vietnam is ideal for motorbike travel. All hot meals were cooked over fireplace and the furniture was rather basic, with just a wooden table and some chairs. Realistically, Hanoi can be done in about 2 days. The beach is about 5km (3 miles) from the ancient town so you can certainly do both in a short period of time. Note: This can be a tricky route and you might find it easier to go back to Hanoi and, ✈ Travel 1/2 Day: Dalat to Buon Me Thuot by bus, Happy transformational travels, Jane & Stephen. These itineraries are pretty packed. No joke. The people are generous and the food is oh so good. Have no fear. If you’re looking for a Vietnam north to south itinerary, this is it. Shorter Tasmania Road Trip Itineraries “This all sounds great… but I just don’t have the time!” I hear you cry. If you’d prefer to arrange a home-stay ahead of time, an agency is your best bet for bookings. Nous profitons du 1er jour pour visiter Mexico City : la Catedral Metropolitana, le Templo Mayor, le Palacio Nacional… Nuit à Mexico City JOUR 2 : Teotihuacan, Queretaro & San Miguel De Allende Nous prenons la route vers les villes au Nord de Mexico City. Most sellers would rather take less money than lose the sale completely. Once you arrive in Sapa, there will be tribe ladies waiting for you asking if you’d like to stay in their homes. Taking a cooking class in Hanoi is a don’t-miss experience. Required fields are marked *. Most people in the villages ride motorbikes and they will likely take you back to their homestays on one, so packing light is pretty much necessary. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe this place; it’s even considered to be one of the new ‘7 natural wonders of the world’ as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our last day consisted of a tour of the Mekong Delta. The country’s best backpacker hostels are located in each of Vietnam’s largest cities, Hanoi and Saigon. $25/night). Any kind of spa treatment you want will probably be about 3/4 the price of what you would pay to get it back at home. If there is something you want but don’t want to pay the asking price, most merchants will bargain with you. Her beautiful children made up for the lack of all material things. Though it’s a popular destination, we have not included Phu Quoc in our southern Vietnam itinerary because by most reports it is overdeveloped and doesn’t seem to appeal to people who like adventure, responsible, and mindful travel. If you want adventurous island time in Vietnam, try the, Find out where to eat with our guides to vegan and vegetarian food in, Find out where to stay with our guides to the best hotels for every budget in. Day trips are typically $15-25 and multiple day trips average at about $100. Most of the tribespeople don’t have internet, and is therefore difficult and sometimes even impossible to book directly through them. We pretty much ate our way through 3 days in Hanoi. If you’re an American like me hoping to spend two weeks in Vietnam (or any other timeframe for that matter)– here’s something important to know – YOU WILL NEED A VISA. While Hanoi is more of a culture & shopping city, Ho Chi Minh has way more of a food variety and awesome nightlife! All Rights Reserved. We started off our two weeks in Vietnam … What’s in our 2-week Vietnam itinerary guide? Click an item below to read more about it: Motorbike Rental Le Vietnam Vietnam Voyage Vietnam Travel Thailand Travel Asia Travel Japan Travel Laos Road Trip Vietnam War Photos. Le Vietnam a été LA destination d’Asie du Sud-Est où j’ai trouvé le coût de la vie le plus bas. Photo by: Joe Sills Joe Sills. Even if you can’t drive a motorbike, we highly recommend you make the trip from Hue to Hoi An by motorbike. There is an entry cost to get into the villages – you must buy a ticket to be allowed into the village. Where we stayed: Old Quarter Homestay (approx. (Like Hanoi, crossing streets is challenging here as well in Hoi An, but not as difficult in my opinion.). It is part of a larger Vietnam initiative to ensure blind people are able to generate incomes that allow them independence. Road trip moto au Vietnam pendant 2 semaines avec les circuits personnalisés directement avec un groupe de motards francophones locaux, sans passer par aucun intermédiaire… Continuer la lecture Copyright ©2020, A Passion and A Passport. I’m Jackie. Here are some itineraries for 3 day, 5 day, 7 day, 10 day and 2 week trips to Tasmania. We started off our two weeks in Vietnam in Hanoi, where we flew in to from New York. Bun Cha is served with grilled fatty pork over a plate of white rice noodles and herbs with a side of dipping sauce. A Must-Do in Sapa >> The herbal bath! This awesome lady rowed me down the Mekong and let me wear her extra hat! Awake to sunlight reflecting off the high limestone formations of stunning Halong Bay. While 2 weeks in Vietnam is certainly sufficient to see the country, I wish we had more time to explore because my love affair with this beautiful nation is still brewing. . You might not have time to do both Mai Chau and Tam Coc. You can visit either Mekong River Delta or Cu Chi Tunnels. $43/night). This particular company has offices all around the country and an online chat in order to check on the status of the visa. Processing time takes up to 3 working days.”, Any outside company will probably a charge a service fee on top of the actual visa fee. Some of the domestic carriers include: Vietjet, Air Asia, Vietnam Airlines, and Jetstar Pacific. The particular spa we went to was called Midori Spa on Ngo Huyen in the backpackers district. Note that the homes are primarily extremely basic, some even without electricity or hot water, but you’ll hopefully know beforehand. A few pointers about Sapa & the overall home-stay experience: Say goodbye to Sapa and the traditional homestay experience, one of the most unique experiences we had during our 2 weeks in Vietname, and head off to Hoi An! But it makes the most sense in terms of … A Guide to Daily Expenses on a Motorbike Road Trip in Vietnam. If they don’t budge, start walking away– they hate losing business! It’s important to note that some of the VOA companies are scams, so make sure you are using a reputable company if you do decide to go this route. A Quick Summary of this Vietnam itinerary: Hanoi (3 days) — Ha Long Bay (3 days) — Sapa (3 days) — Hoi An (3 days) — Ho Chi Minh City & Mekong Delta (2 days) Days 1-3: Hanoi. Les rencontres et le partage culturel sont au cœur de ce séjour. Make sure to take a decent camera to photograph this spectacular scatter of islands! Ours took literally 4 days but I cannot say whether that is the norm, so make sure you leave ample amount of time to get that sacred piece of paper, aka the Vietnam visa. Once back from the fields, the herbs are then cooked and placed into hot water in a bucket that you sit in. We did, however, get a lot of recommendations from the others on our tour and traveled to an additional destination because of their expertise. Circuit Vietnam authentique 2 semaines. The majority of drivers throughout Hanoi (and actually most of Vietnam) use motorbikes. Landed in Saigon then went up to Hanoi (Hoa Lu Tam Coc + Ha Long Bay day trips). Seriously, EVERYTHING! For more useful resources for planning a road trip in Vietnam, take a look at the Related Posts. We need 4 & 5 star stay. I’m a wannabe full-time traveler, but yes, I’ve got bills to pay so I work for a living and travel as a hobby just like Jessica. Once you have your visa (which will be glued/stuck inside your passport), that is the only thing you need to arrange beforehand to avoid any problems entering the country. There are tons of spas though, so if that’s something you’re interested in, the demand is definitely there & they do an amazing job. A backpack is recommended because you will be responsible for holding onto your luggage while on the bike. No joke. Exclusive Member of Mediavine Travel. Don’t stop or step back. Your email address will not be published. We booked in a village outside of Sapa called Ta Phin, and stayed with a lady named May Kieu and her family, who are part of the Red Dao Hilltribe. Leave more time for the Central Highlands instead. You’ll also find having a local phone number handy for meeting up with tour guides and making last-minute bookings on the road. Its the last day of your 2 week Vietnam trip and you have to choose between 2-day tours. It was fantastic to see their culture with my own eyes. We recommend visiting Hanoi and following the first three days of our 2-Week Vietnam Itinerary. This is my 2 week Vietnam Itinerary when, on July 2015, I took my first backpacking trip to Asia. We did this at all hotels during our two weeks in Vietnam and didn’t have any problems. Being in our early-mid 30’s, we were two of the oldest members on the cruise. She and her husband Lua cooked delicious meals for us, accompanied by a delicious homemade Rice Whiskey. Bargain! You can even take a day trip from Hanoi, although I recommend spending a bit more time there for the full experience. If you aren’t comfortable with those arrangements, there are other sleeping options available. Located up north by the border of China, the town is extremely picturesque and terrace rice paddies graze the landscape. BUN CHA: Make sure to try Bun Cha, one of our favorites from our time in Hanoi. The longest takes you through 9 caves that have been carved out by the river and even though it was long, it was really worthwhile. A VOA is a letter you get that gives you pre-approval to get a visa, which you then you fill out the remaining paperwork in Vietnam and get the visa at the airport. :). Hey everyone! (Basically, follow Days 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the above Vietnam 2-Week Itinerary). Proving Travel is Possible with a Full-Time 9-5. We found May through a recommendation from another travel blog, and thankfully booking was easy as she has an English-speaker do all of her reservations. Both day tours cost roughly $10 (EUR 8), however, you have to choose your tour in line with what you really want to see. A warm delicious bowl of Pho from a street stall will run you about 20,000-25,000 VND, which is a little less than an American dollar. I'll receive a small commission when you purchase from my links (at no extra cost to you), which I'll totally blow on adult things like boba tea and avocado toast. >> The array of food choices in Hanoi will not disappoint, I can promise you that! How to Get to Sapa >> Flying into Sapa is not available, but thankfully, both options are quite easy. It was my first time setting foot in Asia. Recommended Activities in Ho Chi Minh + Mekong Delta, Where we stayed: HCMC Bali Boutique Hotel (approx. Le Road Trip commence par 3 jours aux alentours de la capitale du Mexique. The road trip from Dalat down to Mui Ne is one of the nation's finest, negotiating highland ridges and plunging through valleys and pine forests; it's ideally done on the back of a motorbike (consider hiring an Easy Rider). Seriously. Bargain! We've compiled a list to help guide you through one of our favorite destinations! Definitely check out the Japanese Covered Bridge and walk around the ‘Walking Street.’. Your suggestions ate noted in detail. If you only have one week in the south, you might want to skip our itinerary and head west from Ho Chi Minh City where you can explore Can Tho, Ben Tre, and Phu Quoc. You may be wondering about the comfort level of the beds on the train… and thankfully we both got a good night’s sleep despite the fact that the train moves and stops frequently throughout the night! For those who might be interested in this tour, a bit of information: it is basically 2 half-days partying on the island (yes, of course it’s beautiful) – laying on the beach, kayaking, beach volleyball, hanging out with other travelers AND 1 full day cruising around the bay. We specialize in providing boat trips relating to Kayaking-swimming and snorkeling which can be lasted in one day, one day-one night, two days-one night or longer one. After being dazzled by Ha Long Bay, head back to Hanoi to catch an overnight train to Sapa, a destination definitely worth the long trek! With 2 weeks in Vietnam, you can plunge into a diverse set of experiences and immerse yourself in the culture. We drove to the Myson Ancient Ruins, about 40km away. You don’t even need to book anything ahead of time! We chose Air 360 and it was beautiful! The berths are bunk-bed style, two sets in each cabin, meaning you will be sharing the sleeping cabin with other people/another couple. The visa gives you a year’s worth of multiple entries in & out of Vietnam, so if you’re thinking of heading back, it’s definitely worth it, although you’ll need it no matter how long or short you stay in the country for. You have been warned). Having just returned from an amazing 2 weeks in Vietnam, I’d love to gush about it and encourage you all to go! (Do a quick Google Search, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about). 3 days is certainly plenty but 2 days is perfect to still see and do everything you might want to do and eat your heart out as well. Note that the overnight bus mentioned above goes directly from Hanoi to Sapa, although I cannot comment on the sleeping conditions nor the overall experience. From Tam Coc, you can get a bus to Phong Nha if you want to continue into central Vietnam from the north.

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